Our air filter cleaning dry process uses only air, vibration and vacuums to clean your heavy equipment air filters.


Our air filter dry cleaning process uses only air, vibration, and vacuums to clean your filters. There are NO chemicals! NO liquids! NO hazardous materials that could cause swelling or shrinkage of the filter media.

Our cleaning process SAVES YOU 40 - 60% VERSUS BUYING NEW!

Fredericton Regional Solid Waste is very pleased with the service provided by Maritime Clean Air. They've been cleaning our air filters for the last 11 years and we recommend their services. You can save the landfill and save your company ($$$) money.
Floyd Machaud

We clean!

Our specially designed air cleaning equipment allows us to clean a wide variety of air filters, including those from:

Trucks Woodworking Shops
Heavy Construction Equipment Dust Collection Systems
Farm Equipment Sandblasting
Forestry Equipment Sand & Gravel Equipment
Mining Equipment and more ....
I'm very happy with their service.
Hogan Paving Ltd.

We Inspect!

Each filter is carefully inspected by experienced technicians looking for bad or loose gaskets and dents and wear. Our advanced inspection equipment detects pinholes and other damage that might not otherwise be found.

We Track!

A Barcode label, which is attached to each cleaned filter, identifies that particular filter in our filter database, and allows us to track the cleaning history of that particular filter.

The cleaning history includes:

We Deliver!

Maritime Clean Air offers free pickup and delivery to our customers in Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton.

For customers beyond those regions, we have arranged the following:

I really appreciate the convenient pick up of filters and returning them back to my home. This service is fast and efficient.
Roger Spencer


The benefits of using Maritime Clean Air's filter cleaning service are many: