Our air filter cleaning dry process uses only air, vibration and vacuums to clean your heavy equipment air filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most common reasons for rejecting filters?

Some of the most common reasons for rejecting a filter for re-use include:

How is the dry system better than the wet system?

Our dry clean system does not use liquids in the cleaning process. The wet system causes swelling and shrinkage of the filter paper. As a result, filters cleaned with the wet system may only endure three washings. In contrast, filters cleaned with the dry system can be cleaned as many as eight times.

The wet system also removes the "pre-coat" from the filters, limiting their efficiency. The dry system preserves the "pre-coat" which retains the efficiency of the filters.

Does the dry process harm my filter?

Not at all. The horror stories that you have heard about are related to the wet system. Remember, process is everything when it comes to cleaning your filters. Maritime Clean Air uses the first ever dry process cleaning system in the Maritimes.

How many times can you clean a filter?

Primary Engine filters can be cleaned to a maximum of three times. Secondary Engine filters can be cleaned two times. Non-engine filters can be cleaned to a maximum of eight times. However, if there is damage to the filter, or the filter is "aged" with pinholes, etc, then Maritime Clean Air may reject the filter. These limits are self-imposed by Maritime Clean Air and serve to protect your expensive equipment.

What types of filters do you clean?

We clean:

Are there any air filters that you do not clean?

Yes. We do not clean cloth inner filters.

What do you do if you find anything wrong with a filter?

We reject / dispose of the filter and advise the customer that the filter was rejected and why it was rejected.

How are the filters packaged after they have been cleaned?

Each filter is boxed after it has been cleaned to protect them during shipping and delivery. Boxes also help to keep the filters dry.